US - Iraq

The Bush administration remains hopeful that a majority of Security Council members will support a new United Nations resolution on Iraq.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher insists the United States is "within striking distance." He says council members should take note of the report from weapons inspectors about two new Iraqi weapons systems.

Boucher says one is an unmanned aerial vehicle and another is a kind of rocket designed to scatter small bombs filled with chemical or biological agents. Boucher says there are "at least a hundred" of these new types of cluster bombs.

The State Department spokesman also is ruling out any delay on a deadline for Saddam Hussein to comply with disarmament. A new UN resolution would set the date for March 17th, and Boucher says that amount of time is "more than adequate" for Saddam to demonstrate immediate cooperation.

He acknowledges some countries may disagree on a deadline, but he adds most countries are united in their desire to see Iraq disarm.

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