You think you know college football? Well, meet Mary Williamson

Source; State Farm Insurance
Source; State Farm Insurance

Posted by Doug Wahl - email

WHITEVILLE, NC (WECT)- Do you think you know college football?

Oh, you've done your homework. You've studied the Saturday football match ups and have taken all kinds of bizarre information into consideration: What team plays well on the road? Who has the best coach? What middle linebacker is playing with a hurt wrist? What quarterback struggles in cold weather?

And so you've fill out the form that one of your coworkers hands out every week. You go about circling this team or scratching out that one. Finally you turn it in, perhaps along with a few dollar bills, confident that this time the football Gods are smiling upon you.

The college football Gods are down right smitten with Mary Williamson. This Whiteville insurance agent, has done something that many men can only dream about. She has mastered the art of picking college football games.

"I'm a big Carolina fan and I watch their games, but until this year I really didn't pay attention to the rest of them," said Williamson.

Williams has won a 14 week contest that required her to pick the winners in a multiple number of games each week with a point spread.

About 500 people from Southeastern North Carolina entered the pool sponsored by Servicemaster Specialist. In the end, Williams had the highest percentage of correctly picked games. Her price is four tickets to the Meineke Bowl in Charlotte.

She admits that her husband help picked some of the games, but it's clear when you talk to her on the phone that Mary Williamson is a football fan. "The seats they gave us are the best in the house," said Williamson. "They're right on the 50 yard line."

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