Gym hopes to draw customers with new fitness machine

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Fitness isn't really on anyone's mind during the holidays, but come January 1st, loosing weight turns into a mission for many.

If you're looking for a gym membership, the gyms are looking for new ways to get your business and that means staying ahead of the latest fitness craze.

Load on 1,000 pounds of plates and Nick Kentrolis can still huff and puff out the reps, but on a TRX suspension trainer, with his hands in the air, tell him to jump, and the former bodybuilder is down for the count.

Kentrolis, the owner of Crest Fitness, says, "The heart's pumpin', my thighs were burning like they were about ready to split and um, I just had to quit! Its tough!"

He says it's also tough to be the small business owner of Crest Fitness, trying to ride wave of the recession.

This time of year, people start swapping dinner plates for fitness plates and the competition is always on to find something new to give them.

"Once you get the best results you can from last years program, somebody's got this years program, well, this year we're ahead of the game," says Kentrolis.

Also ahead of them is finding out how to convince bicep builders that breaking a sweat on this thing won't break their egos.

Kentrolis explains, "They think the women are impressed by it once they see one 45 plate go up. Boy, you're the strongest man in the world!"

You don't have to be the strongest in the world but you shouldn't be a rookie if you want to get rigged up on this thing.

Pushing and pulling your own weight is harder than it looks.

Matt Lewis, a trainer, says, "These move individually so you really have to force yourself to pay attention to what you're doing. I feel like I'm on a little bungy cord or something here and it's just wiping me out."

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... if you can keep your balance.

Crest Fitness says they'll soon have classes centered around the TRX suspension system.

You can find their gym on 6766 Wrightsville Ave in Wilmington.

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