Woman tries to open shop in tough economy

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - In this tough economy, businesses continue to close their doors.

But one woman decided it was the perfect time to open a store and take a stand against the poor economy. Her plan is to make everyone's lives a little sweeter.

When Jody Carmichael walks into her new business, she has a sense of pride and a major sense of urgency.

"Hot Pink Cake Stand" was supposed to open "soon"... back in November.

But Carmichael's "X-ed" out that idea and has set her sights on January 1st, because there's still paint instead of frosting on her counters.

"I thought this would be a simple thing. You pick out a space, you sign a contract, you throw in some ovens and you start making cup cakes!" says Carmichael.

Not quite - she had to pop the lid off her 401k to fund the project after being brushed off for a small business credit line.

But the recession is actually the reason she's opening the shop. After losing her job, she rearranged her life, and her dreams. "The point at which you lose something you thought was secure, I mean, you sort of also lose your fear of the what if's, because you've already lost it, because now I have nothing so why not do what I've always wanted to do. I mean, the time is now.

Timing is just one ingredient she needs, but Carmichael says, you can learn a lot about building a business from baking a cake, "Part of a perfect cake is the ingredients have to be the right temperature and everything has to sort of come together exactly right."

She has the place, she has her products and she has her window promotions. Now she has to mix it all together, fill up the shelves and sweep up any crumbs.

Don't count on Jody's cake for Christmas, but count on a new treat in Wilmington as we start the New Year.

Hot Pink Cake Stand is located at 114 North Front Street in downtown Wilmington.

Jody says she won't just be selling cake. There will be brownies, bread and many other baked goods on the shelves.

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