Elizabeth's Pecans: Handmade products for more than 20 years

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SAMPSON COUNTY, NC (WECT) - While North Carolina is not a leader in pecan production, the state grows about 2.5 million pounds every year.

Alan Bundy is a North Carolina farmer, not growing row crops, but a pecan farmer.  His father stated the farm in the early 80's.

Today, Bundy maintains over 40 acres of pecan trees and will harvest between 25 and 40 thousand pounds annually. Many of those pecans go into making a candy mixture, thru his business, Elizabeth's Pecans, named for his daughter.

There are several varieties of the sweet product, including butter roasted, raspberry flavored and an orange honey dipped nut, but it is the Pecan Brittle that is his most popular.

There is no big machinery producing mass amounts at one time at Elizabeth's Pecans, instead employees do it all by hand.

Butter, syrups, and other ingredients go into the mixer first, followed by chopped roasted pecans, all blended together, until it reaches the right temperature.  Then the mix is dumped on a table, rolled out, and then cut into small pieces.

Business has continued to grow, mainly, by word of mouth, or word of stomachs, as the candy is now being shipped worldwide.

Elizabeth's Pecans are a little over an hour away from Wilmington, just off Interstate 40, and the good thing about stopping by in person, is there are plenty of samples for you to try before you buy.

For more information about Elizabeth's Pecans or to place an order, visit their website: Elizabeth's Pecans.

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