Bladen Co. man accused of holding family at gunpoint

LaQuancy Murphy (Source: Bladen Co. Sheriff's Office)
LaQuancy Murphy (Source: Bladen Co. Sheriff's Office)

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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A man accused of holding family members at gunpoint for hours Tuesday night is facing multiple state and federal charges.

According to deputies, LaQuancy Murphy kept himself and several victims barricaded inside a home in Kelly from 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 Wednesday morning.  Authorities say he was armed with a shotgun and handgun.

The Wilmington Police Department used their SABLE helicopter to help at the scene and were able to locate Murphy, who sneaked out of the home.

Without the infrared technology on the helicopter, Murphy may have gotten away.

From above, the helicopter used FLIR infrared technology to find Murphy hiding on the ground near some trees.

They guided sheriff's deputies to Murphy's hiding spot, where they were able to get him to drop his gun and surrender.

Corporal Josh Miller with the Wilmington Police Department explained, "It's pitch black out there. The suspect believes that he's undercover; he's being hidden. When we utilize the FLIR system, which is an infrared system, it detects heat. It doesn't need light to work. It detects heat and you can't hide from heat."

This was the first time officers used SABLE to help find a suspect in the dark in Bladen County.

Sheriff's deputies say Murphy will be facing charges ranging from kidnapping, to child abuse, to assault with a deadly weapon.

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