UNCW has first fully endowed scholarship

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The University of North Carolina Wilmington has its first fully endowed scholarship, thanks to the generosity of a local couple.

Jean and Eric Rosenberg have donated a scholarship to provide an outstanding student with four years of financial aid.

The scholarship was created as part of a new initiative, the UNCW Distinguished Merit Scholarship program, established to help the university attract the best students.

"When I heard a presentation about the Distinguished Merit Scholarship program during a meeting on campus, I thought, 'That's a very good idea.' Our scholarship is not tied to an academic discipline, a county or a state of origin, the way many scholarships are," said Mr. Rosenberg in a statement.  "It is wide open to any high-ability student."

Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo said she is extremely grateful to the Rosenbergs for their generous gift.  She said the couple was the first to respond in support of the new scholarship program.

Goals for the UNCW Distinguished Merit Scholarship program include:

• Increase the number of merit scholarships available, especially for freshmen. UNCW offers merit scholarships to about five percent of its incoming freshmen, while comparable universities present merit awards to an average of 40 percent of their freshmen.

• Establish scholarships without restrictions based on specific academic programs or geographic areas. Instead, the program emphasizes flexible merit scholarships with the potential to help the best and brightest students from all walks of life.

• Provide donors the opportunity to create their own scholarships, as the Rosenbergs did, or contribute to a general fund that supports the program.

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