Fixing traffic issues at a major intersection in Whiteville

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Road construction is expected to begin in January for one of the busiest intersections in Whiteville.

Engineers hope changes to the intersection of Madison Street and part of JK Powell Boulevard, also known as the US 701 Bypass, will help alleviate traffic and prevent accidents.

Drivers like Sheila Bryan dread having to drive thru the intersection, where nearly 20,000 other drivers travel daily.

"It's just really congested really long and there's so many different cars coming from different ways," said Bryan.

Bryan said she's seen a lot of accidents in the area as the amount of traffic has increased, but relief is on the way.

Drivers won't be able to use part of US 701 Business starting in January as crews work on the intersection.

"Everybody from the south end of the county that come into Whiteville is using this part of town," said DOT traffic engineer Drew Cox.  "Also folks traveling through Whiteville to get to the beach and coming back from comes through this intersection."

According to Cox a new road will connect Leslie Newsome extension and the US 701 Bypass, in hopes to help traffic flow in the area.

The project will take about 11 months and cost around $3 million.

"We hope the business owners will see that if folks can get to businesses easy they will come," said Cox.  "And if folks don't feel it's convenient or not safe to access a business then they'll go somewhere else."

Officials say they will keep drivers updated while construction is underway.

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