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Senior citizens Skype with loved ones

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Residents at the Davis Community Center in Wilmington will use technology as an affordable and easy way to see their families this holiday season.

Since traveling isn't easy for Davis Community resident Harrison Hein, he's using Skype to communication with his loved ones. 

Skype is a free software that connects people across the globe via internet.

Davis marketing director Doreen Tartamella says Skype is a great tool for their facility.

"We use it for our resident care updates, to provide families with updates and also to just re-unite families, when families are together and want to see their loved ones," said Tartamella.

Hein's face glowed as he connected with his grandson in Seattle, Washington.

"I have a lot to smile about, I don't have anything really to frown about," said Hein.

Even though he won't be able to join his family around the Christmas tree, Hein said he can't wait for his next Skype session.

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