My Turn, Your Turn: Your turn on ABC salaries

By Gary McNair - bio|email

As expected, we got plenty of responses to our commentary last week on the more than $230,000 being paid to the director of the New Hanover County ABC stores.

Judging on what we received, I wouldn't exactly call it happy hour.

Doris wrote:

I do not agree with these salaries.  The board that appointed them and both of these men making six figures need to go.

Dave wrote:

Why aren't the state and local governments having independent audits performed on the ABC operation, as is done in normal businesses?  What can we do to demand that this is done on a regular basis?

A few people compared these salaries to what other people make. Beverly wrote:

It is amazing considering what we are willing to pay teachers, cops and fire fighters isn't it?!!!!

And Doris also pointed out that even some doctors don't make that much:

……and they are making and dealing with life and death decisions daily.  Needless to say, New Hanover County's priorities are mixed up. What happened to common sense?

That's a good question, Doris - and maybe a good "My Turn" topic for another day.

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