Early morning accident began Bulldogs day

Written by:
Bob Bonner|email

Jose Flores usually caps off drives with his leg.

Saturday morning a drive nearly kept the Wallace-Rose Hill kicker off the field.

The Bulldogs were scheduled to meet at the school at 5:15 Saturday morning for the drive to Winston-Salem and the Class 1A Championship game.

While the coaching staff prepared the for the trip they noticed EMS and fire trucks passing by the school.  Knowing that their kids were likely the only ones on the road at that time of day it didn't sit well with the staff.

"I sort of had that bad feeling." said Athletic Director and defensive coach Tim Jenkins.  "I mean, who else would be out at that hour coming toward our school."

His gut feeling was right.

Emergency personnel were responding to a two-car accident involving a Wallace-Rose Hill cheerleader and Flores.

The accident was minor, but the injuries were enough to require Flores to be cleared by a doctor to play in the Championship, but his teammates and the coaches couldn't wait for the results and risk arriving late to the game.

Wallace-Rose Hill soccer coach Dr. Michael Graybar performed X-rays and an MRI on Flores and cleared him to play.  He then drive Flores from Wallace to Winston-Salem arriving roughly 45 minutes before game time.

After a quick tape job and dressing for a cut on his forehead which was a result of the accident Flores was able to warm up with his teammates.

Flores missed his first extra point attempt as well as a 22 yard field goal early in the game, but he connected when it mattered most.  His 38-yard field goal in the fourth quarter tied the game at 30 and forced overtime.  Omar Carr's two-point conversion carry in overtime gave the Bulldogs their first Championship since 1994.

"Imagine having gone through all of that and then kicking a field goal like he did?"  Jenkins said.  "Wow what pressure!"