Wilmington D Day Vet tells his story

Posted by Doug Wahl - email

Wilmington, NC (WECT) -The ringing of the phone was an interuption. I was in the middle interruptionnt here at work and cointerruption to be distracted. On the other end of the line was a viewer who wanted to ask a question about a story we ran earlier in the week.

The caller's name is William Pepe. He was inquiring about a story from Monday night on a program that flies World War 2 veterans to Washington D.C. Obviously I had to ask Mr. Pepe if he served in the war. He had! He was there on June 6 1944, D-Day. His mission was at Omaha Beach.

Suddenly, I could have cared less about the project I was supposed to be working on- in fact I couldn't even remember what it was. How often does someone my age get to talk to an individual who had been part of such history. The conversation with Mr. Pepe now consumed my attention.

He told me how he speaks at local schools, and how very few students have ever heard of D-Day. He told me he's afraid that people will one day forget what happened off the coast of France. That few generations will ever understand how a few men liberated a continent and won a war. And of course he briefly mentioned some of his friends who never made it back.

He also talked to me about a blog that he recently wrote about that day, 65 years ago. Mind you he wasn't calling a television news station looking for us to promote his words, but that in effect is what I am doing here. I read what Mr. Pepe wrote- and it is certaintly worth taking a look http://users.skynet.be/jeeper/page92.html

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