DVD's: better to rent or buy?

Reported by Tim Pulliam - email
Posted by Lauren Thomson - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The "Store Closing" sign outside the Blockbuster store off Oleander Drive in Wilmington could be a signal to what lies ahead for other video rental stores.

That's if you ask movie buff Brantely McKeithan. "My philosophy is if I rent a movie for $5 and I like it, well, that $5 could have gone toward just buying it."

Not everyone feels the same way. Michael Coil said, "I'd rather rent them because if I don't like it, then I don't have to invest my money in it for something that's not worth it."

Even for those who'd rather rent, the convenience of renting online is creating some serious competition.

Netflix will allow you to rent multiple movies for $8.99.

Blockbuster Online will only allow you to rent one movie for the same price.

No matter which movie method you prefer, buying or renting online, some people think the days of going into a store and renting a movie are numbered.

It's a potent problem for Blockbuster, which must now scramble to compete with more established online movie sites.

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