Brunswick Co. health officials concerned about 3rd wave of H1N1

Posted by Debra Worley - email

BOLIVIA, NC (WECT) - The Brunswick County Health Department is concerned a third wave of the H1N1 virus may hit the area around January, but say no one can predict that with certainty.

While reports of the decline in the number of H1N1 flu cases is good news, some officials are worried people won't see a need to get vaccinated against the strain.

According to the health department, pandemic flu tends to linger on instead of sharply dropping off like seasonal flu does.  Often each time a virus rebounds, it comes back stronger.

"I've talked to a lot of older adults who think they do not need the H1N1 vaccination," said Brunswick County Health Director Don Yousey in a statement.  "The misconception may be a result of being told that persons over 65 are not in the priority group.  Everyone needs a shot, as soon as there is enough vaccine."

The health department said if enough people are immunized, there will be no receptive host population to support a third wave.

The Health Department has a flu list of persons wanting a flu shot.  As soon as they vaccinate those persons in the priority groups, they will start will start over at the beginning of the list and start calling people in for a shot.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated for H1N1 is encouraged to call the flu line at 910-253-2344 and put their name on the list.  A nurse will call you back to help you determine which type of vaccine, shot or mist, is best for you and give you a date and time to get your shot.

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