Renovation crews discover bones in Thalian Hall

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Renovation crews working at Thalian Hall in Wilmington discovered some human bones in the auditorium.

An arm and jaw bone were found in the same spot other bones were located during renovations that took place in the 1980s.

Tony Rivenbark, the executive director of Thalian Hall, said he isn't surprised about the discovery. The director says the bones were probably there before the theater was built in 1803.

"The building always continues," said Rivenbark.  "Once it was said that one of Thalian Hall's greatest products is its past, and we produce more history every day."

Rivenbark believes the remains could belong to a Cape Fear Native American from a tribe that buried its dead on top of sand hills, because Thalian Hall was built on one of those hills.

The bones have been turned over to the Wilmington Police Department for examination.

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