Burgaw commissioners discuss raising taxes

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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Many parts of Burgaw experience flooding when significant rain falls on the town because of poor drainage systems.

Like most low lying, coastal areas, the problem has been around for some time, but town leaders say they are strapped for cash.

Burgaw commissioners held a public meeting Tuesday night in regards to the possibility of raising property taxes to pay for a machine to clear local waterways.

"Nobody wants to raise taxes, but if you want to add services and you want to mitigate these things - where is the money going to come from?" said Martin Beach.

Some residents who have dealt with the effects of flooding are in favor of the extra tax.

"I think it'd be a good idea for them to raise the taxes, because I think after the floods and stuff come, it'll be a lot of things damaged that you have to kick out more money than you should," said resident Sabrina Smith.  "I'd rather just go pay the extra money on your taxes and try to keep the floods away."

Other residents are more skeptical.

"It is something that the lawmakers have a little bit of an addiction to," said resident Vernon Harrell.  "Once you start getting this tax money in, it just seems like too good a windfall to not keep up with."

Commissioners asked for public input on the tax proposal at a meeting Tuesday evening.

No one spoke out about the proposed property tax increase. Since no one spoke out town leaders could make a final decision sometime in January.

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