Texting and driving is against NC law

Reported by Max Winitz - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON NC (WECT) - A reminder to drivers - put down the cell phone, it's now illegal to text and drive.

Drivers caught texting by law enforcement officers will have to pay a $100 fine.

Deputy Evan Luther with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says the law was made to encourage safety while driving.

"If you are driving a motor vehicle and you are texting and your attention is taken away from the operation and control of the vehicle - there's room for error," said Luther.

Drivers are permitted to send text messages while in their vehicle, only if the car is at a complete stop.

Another law that went into effect Dec. 1 puts restrictions on rear license plate covers and frames.

Luther said while you can see through the clear covers during the day, they make plates more difficult to read at night.  License plate frames cannot cover stickers on the plate or the state's name.

Drivers pulled over for having an illegal frame will receive a written warning until November 2010 - after that it will cost motorists $100.

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