Brunswick Republicans: Welcome Sheriff Ingram

Reported by Scott Saxton email

Brunswick County, NC (WECT) - The Chairman of the Brunswick County Republican party said he's disappointed in the reaction to county Sheriff John Ingram switching political affiliation to the GOP.

Ingram announced Wednesday that he has joined the Republican Party and will run for the office of sheriff next year.  Ingram was appointed last year as a Democrat.

"Sheriff Ingram made the choice to become a Republican for moral and ethical reasons. This alone demonstrates that Sheriff Ingram is in fact a man of principles over politics," wrote Chairman George Bell of the Brunswick County Republican party in a statement released Friday.

Bell says Ingram must still run in the primary election next year for the nomination to run for sheriff.  Bell says he will support Ingram if he gets through the primary process.

Shortly after Ingram's announcement Wednesday, the Democratic Party in Brunswick County called Ingram a "political chameleon."

"The ability to change one's mind is a basic premise of freedom. The Republican Party welcomes Sheriff Ingram and anyone else that finds their conservative values are not being served with their current political affiliation," Bell wrote.

Ingram said he was changing affiliations in part to be more in line with his conservative values.