Families in need are thankful for those who donated food

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some of those less fortunate will have a nicer Thanksgiving thanks to the generosity of local organizations.

Dozens of people lined up in the rain at Ebineezer Methodist Baptist Church in Wilmington to get some food for their Thanksgiving feast.

The Wilmington Residential Adolescent Achievement Place (WARPP) teamed up with the Food Bank of North Carolina to distribute 7,000 pounds of food.

"They might have jobs or recently be laid off due to the economy or what not, and this will be a way for them to get a little bit of extra help on Thanksgiving to provide a home cooked meal for their families," said Josh Bellamy with the WRAPP Center.

Besides financial hardships, Altha Toon's grandchildren, Michael and Pharrell, lost their mother several months ago to a heart attack.

"Since my children's mother had passed away, we've struggled to keep things going and keep food on the table for them," said Toon.

Thanks to the donation of others, the family will have plenty of food for their Thanksgiving dinner.

WRAPP and the Food Bank handed out everything from potatoes to pumpkin pie, providing families with plenty of side items to serve with their turkey.

"I am grateful to have groceries [and] food for my children" said Shirley Hines who has been out of work for a year.  "The government has been assisting me in any way they can, but the little they give us is not enough - it doesn't make ends meet."

These families in need are thankful for the warm hearts and thoughtful acts of others in the community.

Wilmington's Salvation Army will hold a Thanksgiving meal Thursday at 1:00.

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