Lifewatch: Exercise your mind and body

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Keeping your brain active as you get older may help delay Alzheimer's disease, and keeping your body active will keep your bones strong.

"You stay still, you lose flexibility - it's going to be harder to move, everything you try to do is going go be harder if you're going to be still," said personal trainer Lamaine Williams.

According to Williams, weigh training strengthens your bones and reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis.

"Well you have to do the weight training for bone density, as you get older you may lose some bone density, you have to move," said Williams.  "If you only have 15 minutes, workout for 15 minutes, if you have an hour, work out for an hour, just make sure you stay active"

Dr. John Snyder reminds adults to keep your mind active as well.  He says being social, exercising, and eating well can all help with cognition in the long run.

Dr. Snyder says there are several easy ways to keep your brain sharp.  You can start by changing old habits.

"Even finding new ways to try things you normally do, if you usually brush your teeth with your right hand, switch it to your left hand," said Snyder.  "The more you interactive more consistently - play bridge with your friends and things like that - should keep you sharp and healthy as you get older."

Planning long term housing, financial needs, and retirement activities ahead of time will also keep your mind active and productively engaged.

Many health problems can be prevented, minimized or eve delayed by eating nutritiously and maintaining a healthy weight.

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