Several cases could reopen because of Fair Bluff officer arrest

Gregory Thomas Campbell, Source: Columbus County Sheriff's Office
Gregory Thomas Campbell, Source: Columbus County Sheriff's Office

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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A former Fair Bluff police officer has been arrested and is facing drug related charges.  Now, more than a dozen cases could reopen, according to District Attorney Rex Gore.

"We don't want to put it on at a trial of any kind someone that we don't depend on and can't count on their total honesty because honesty is what they've got," said Gore.  "That's the key for officers is people believing that they're going to do the right thing every single time when they're given the opportunity to investigate or make an arrest."

According to the Columbus County Sheriff's Office, Gregory Thomas Campbell was arrested Monday for trafficking drugs and robbing a pharmacy.

Authorities say Campbell broke into the Discount Drug store in Fair Bluff Oct. 21, while on duty as a police officer.  Investigators say Campbell stole pain-killers, Endocet and Hydrocodone, and then investigated the crime he committed.

The store was burglarized twice in two weeks, and the pharmacist owner, James Meares, said he knew Campbell had something to do with the robberies.

"There was just a lot more personal questions and details being asked in the first investigation verses the second one," said Meares. "The second one was kind of nonchalantly handled."

Campbell, a vertan law enforcement officer with more than 15 years of experience, was fired last week from the Fair Bluff Police Department for a separate incident.

"I hope we're not tarnished in the public's eye," said Chief Marty Lewis.  "As law enforcement we are held to a high standard and you should be, because we take an oath."

Campbell is charged with 3 counts of trafficking Opium or Heroin, possession with the intent to sell and deliver a controlled substance, and breaking and entering larceny.

To ensure the integrity of local law enforcement, Gore will reopne as many as 30 cases that Campbell has worked on.

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