Chamber of Commerce supports tolling to pay for Skyway Bridge

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Board of directors passed a resolution in support of the Cape Fear Skyway and tolling the Wilmington bypass to help fund the project.

During their regular meeting last week, the board agreed to support tolling the existing and future sections of the bypass from US 17 in Northern New Hanover County to US 17 in Brunswick County.  The money will be used to help fund the gap for the Skyway construction and maintenance costs.

The skyway is a proposed 9.5 mile road and bridge that would connect US 17 in Brunswick County to US 421 in southern New Hanover County.

The Turnpike Authority has approved the Skyway project and advocates tolling as a method of funding.  Additionally, authority projects require funds set aside by the state legislature each year to pay for financing and maintenance costs.

The Turnpike Authority has recommended tolling all of the Wilmington Bypass to lessen the amount of money needed by the state legislature.

Because tolling of the roadway decreases the amount of gap funding required, it makes it more likely that project funding will be approved by the General Assembly.

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