Terry Sanford players grade in question

Written by|Bob Bonner

Football is supposed to be a sport decided on the field.

It will continue to play out in a court on Tuesday.

Early Monday evening a judge recessed a hearing which will decide whether or not Terry Sanford will be allowed to field a team in the second round of the high school football playoffs.

In testimony in Cumberland County Superior Court Monday afternoon Malichi Mills English grade has come under fire.  According to testimony Mills failed his English 3 course last year.  Jody Hawley, director of information technology for the school system said Mill's June 23 report card showed a final grade of 54.

On June 30 that grade was changed to a passing grade of 78 by Pamela Stone, the date manager at Douglas Byrd High School which was the site of the now closed Cumberland Evening Academy where Mills was sent due to disciplinary issues.

Last week the NCHSAA ruled that Mills was ineligible to play because of his grades and attendance.  A temporary restraining order was issued on Thursday allowing Terry Sanford to play.  Terry Sanford won that opening round game and is now scheduled to host New Hanover on November 20.

Superior Court Judge Jack Thompson, who issued the order, is hearing today's case, which seeks to make the order permanent so Terry Sanford can remain in the playoffs.