Former Carolina Shores commissioner appalled with public cartoon

Reported by Max Winitz - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

CAROLINA SHORES, NC (WECT) - Carolina Shores Town Commissioner Gere Dale is not pleased with the person responsible for a public cartoon he says had an impact on him losing the 2009 election.

Dale spent the last eight years serving as a Carolina Shores Commissioner, but right before the election, what he calls a slanderous cartoon was distributed to many of the town's residents.

"I was appalled to think in our quaint little town that politics could have stooped to such a level as this, and that there are people out there who could portray their town government in this kind of light," said Dale.

The cartoon was dropped off in mailboxes around the town in support of the two candidates running against Dale, who were ultimately elected as commissioners.

The cartoon shows Dale and other commissioners sitting around a table with a caption over Dale's head reading: "Don't you tax payers get it?  I run this town and I'm still digging dirt on the mayor."

Last week Dale asked the town attorney to file a lawsuit against the artist and distributors, but the lawyer told Dale the picture was not a defamation of character.

Dale said he's not sure who the artist of the cartoon is and says he feels compelled to continue his fight. 


He said he would not consider running for office again. 

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