Sgt. Munley appears on the Today Show

Sgt. Munley on Oprah
Sgt. Munley on Oprah
Sgt. Munley on Today Show
Sgt. Munley on Today Show

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FORT HOOD, TX (WECT) - As the Army prepares to file formal charges against Nidal Malik Hasan for the fatal shootings at Ft. Hood, the heroes from that day's tragedy are finally speaking out.

Sgt. Munley, a civilian officer, and Senior Sgt. Mark Todd are being hailed as two heroes who prevented a larger loss of life on the Army base last week.  Wednesday, both spoke for the first time publicly about stopping Hasan on Oprah.

"I'm doing well," Kim Munley said on the Oprah program Wednesday. "Every day is a progress for me. Things are getting better day by day."

Thursday, Sgt. Munley appeared on the Today Show where she described the moments before she was shot.

"I myself heard gunfire and saw him fire upon my partner," said Sgt. Munley on the Today Show.  "He retreated behind another building which I predicted that he'd come out on other side, so I took the initiative to counteract him, and possibly stop him from retreating to the other side, coming in direction of the rest of the soldiers."

Though Sgt. Munley and her partner are gaining national recognition for their efforts during the shootings, the New York Times is reporting those claims of heroism are incorrect.

The newspaper is reporting the story of gunfire exchange between Munley and Hasan does not agree with the account of an eyewitness who was at the base's processing center.

Click here to read the New York Times' report

The witness told the New York Times that Sgt. Munley was shot to the ground as she rounded the corner of a building.  They say that's when Hasan turned his back and began reloading his semiautomatic pistol.

According to the newspaper, "Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, a veteran police officer, rounded another corner of the building, found Major Hasan fumbling with his weapon and shot him."

Military officials declined comment to the New York Times in regards of how authorities came to issue the original report of the shooting incident.

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