Ft. Hood hero Munley appears on Oprah

Reported by Scott Saxton - email

FT. HOOD, TX (WECT) - Carolina Beach native Kim Munley says she never lost consciousness and controlled her breathing to avoid going into shock even after being shot four times by Major Nidal Hasan, the man who killed thirteen and wounded dozens of others in a shooting at Ft. Hood last week.

Sgt. Munley, a civilian officer, and Senior Sgt. Mark Todd are being hailed as two heroes who prevented a larger loss of life on the Army base last week.  Both spoke for the first time publicly about stopping Hasan on Oprah, which airs daily at 4 p.m. on WECT.

Sgt. Munley says she is recovering from her injuries.

"I'm doing well," Kim Munley said on the Oprah program Wednesday.  "Every day is a progress for me.  Things are getting better day by day."

In a story that preceded Munley's appearance on the program, a nurse pointed out that Munley's first words out of surgery were to inquire if anyone was killed in the incident.

Munley compared the pain of being shot by Hasan to "a muscle being torn from my leg."

Munley told Oprah she is starting to absorb the entirety of the events that took place at Ft. Hood.  She said her 12-year-old daughter finds it funny that her mother is on television every time she turns it on.

"I take it day by day," Munley said.  "I know it's going to be a slow process to get back to my normal life."

People gathered at Harbor Masters restaurant in Carolina Beach to watch Munley's interview on Oprah.  People in the small beach community say it makes them proud that Munley is one of their own.

The Mayor of Carolina Beach said town officials are planning a parade for Munley when she returns home, and they are also going to give her a key to the city.  The mayor said they're even considering putting Munley's name on a sign that would be placed as you enter city limits.

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