Special Report: Laser body sculpting

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Like many young professional women, Adele Day balances a full time job with being a full time mom.

Over the years the stress hit home and the pounds came on.  Adele said she hit a rough spot in life and gained some extra weight.  She realized she had to do something about it, but said it's very hard to get started losing weight.

Adele didn't want to be on a restrictive diet or spend hours in the gym, so she decided to try the Zerona Laser.  It is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure that removes excess fat.

The laser has many advantages over traditional fat loss methods.  Dr. Ralph Berkowitz from Revitalize Medicine in Wilmington said there is no pain, no anesthesia, and no downtime associated with the laser.

"What it does is it takes the fat cell which looks a little bit like a grape and it takes the inside of the fat cell and makes it go away," said Dr. Berkowitz.

According to Berkowitz, patients don't even know the laser is there.

"It doesn't burn, it doesn't hurt, there's no tingling even, nothing," said Berkowitz.

Adele was a little nervous at first, but said she was excited about the possibility of it actually working.

She stuck with the Zerona Laser and quickly saw results.

"You literally go in, take a little nap, wake up, and you're thinner," said Adele.  "It's pretty incredible."

Dr. Berkowitz recommends patients diet and exercise to keep the pounds off.  He says the weight loss can be permanent depending on the person's lifestyle.  While the treatment itself can't make someone change how they live, it gives a helpful push in the right direction.

The Zerona Laser is FDA approved and is used at Revitalize Medical center on Oleander Drive.  Click here for more information about the laser and the practice.

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