Why aren't some movies playing in Wilmington?

Reported by Casey Roman - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A Wilmington woman says she's upset about the lack of screen time for movies with black producers.

Sadie Winfrey was hoping to see Oprah Winfrey's Precious and Chris Rock's Good Hair, but neither movie is being shown in Wilmington theaters.

"I feel a hint of hidden racism going on and we don't want that to happen here in Wilmington," said Sadie.

According to a Mayfaire representative, the movies just haven't made it to the area yet.  The films have a limited release and will only get nationwide show times if they create a buzz.

Sadie would like to see more community control over local movie theaters, and says producers will only want to work in Wilmington if they know their movies will be showing right down the street.

While Mayfaire representatives say not showing the films has nothing to do with race, director Dan Brawley says it can be difficult for women and minorities to catch a break into the megaplex system.

"It's been a historic problem in the film industry about giving people a voice," said Brawley.

Jengo's Playhouse in Wilmington is the home to many limited release films.

You can go onto boxofficeguru.com to find where limited release movies are showing and how much they are making.

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