About News 6 First Alert

WECT's News 6 First Alert is a totally free , real-time news and weather delivery system that resides on your computer and keeps you posted on breaking news events, local current conditions, weather alerts, and more. With News 6 First Alert you will be informed of the latest breaking news as it's reported. You also get immediate notification of weather watches and warnings. You can keep News 6 First Alert active all day to receive a continuous stream of news and weather content.

Available for free, News 6 First Alert installs three powerful technologies that keep you informed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With First Alert you can:

  • Be informed of the latest breaking news as soon as it’s reported
  • Get immediate notification of weather watches and warnings
  • Access your local forecast, current weather conditions, and the day’s top headlines
  • Enjoy the convenience of getting real-time information at the click of a mouse

Features of News 6 First Alert
News 6 First Alert is a powerful content delivery system that installs three convergence technologies with a single download.

Sidebar Weather:
Sidebar Weather is a plug-in module for the Internet Explorer browser that puts a weather button in your IE top menu bar.  The button is branded with this TV station's logo and call letters.  When you click the button, Sidebar Weather opens a sideband window in your IE browser.  Your main browser window will continue to display the website you were on when you clicked the Sidebar Weather button. It's like "picture in picture" for the web! Sidebar Weather displays current weather conditions and forecasts, radar imagery, top headlines, and more.

Sidebar Alert:
Sidebar Alert is a small executable program that installs in the Windows system tray.  When activated, a Sidebar Alert window "slides up" into view to notify you of alerts as issued. Sidebar Alert will notify you of news, sports, weather, Amber, programming or other important news-breaking information.

Sidebar News Ticker:
Sidebar News Ticker installs a "TV crawl" type delivery system to your Windows system taskbar and Internet Explorer browser toolbar menu.  Sidebar News Ticker is designed to deliver a continuous stream of information to your desktop or IE browser.

News headlines are updated simultaneously with our website several times each day and evening. You can expect breaking weather and news delivered to your desktop with the same immediacy you expect from our local news site without having to do a thing but click on the Sidebar Weather button and select a story to view.  You can also access other areas of our web site by clicking the available links.

Conditions such as temperature, wind, etc. are normally updated by the reporting station once every hour.  On some occasions a report may not be issued by the station every hour in which case the temperature will remain the same until that reporting station provides an updated report.

Technical Requirements:
The software requires minimal hard disk space and will run on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP. It requires an Internet connection to receive up-to-date images and current conditions. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher is also required.