Gang education set for parents in New Hanover County

Reported by Scott Saxton - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Parents in New Hanover County are set to get an education on gangs in the Wilmington area.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office will begin a series of educational seminars about gang activity for parents of school aged children this week.  The first seminar will take place at Ashley High School this Thursday evening.

Detective J.P. Guarino appeared on Carolina in the Morning Monday to discuss the upcoming educational sessions.  Guarino says these sessions are important, because gangs often change their identifying marks in an effort to stay underground.

"Typically they want to try to do something new or different, just to throw us off," Detective J.P. Guarino said.

Guarino said gangs can be identified by several variables these days, including different sports teams, beads, jewelry, types of clothing and clothing brands.

Guarino says parents will get an update on the gang activity taking place in New Hanover County at these sessions.  The meetings will take place at the following schools:

Ashley High School, November 12th.

New Hanover High School, December 1st

Laney High School, January 25th

Hoggard High School, March 4th

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