Kim Munley saved life of Wrightsville Beach police investigator

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Officials say Kim Munley saved countless lives by bringing an armed Major down at a shootout at Fort Hood, Texas.

The Civilian Police Officer is originally from Carolina Beach.

This was not the first time she put herself on the line to save someone else.

Kim Munley's first job in law enforcement was in Wrightsville Beach.

One of Kim's former partners, Shaun Appler, a current investigator with the Wrightsville Beach Police Department says he owes her his life.

Shaun Appler and Kim Munley started working together as reserve officers for the Wrightsville Beach Police Department in 2000.

"Kim's a ball of fire. She was an excellent patrol officer," said Appler.

One night, Appler was struggling with a suspect, who had pinned him to the ground, when the man tried to get Appler's gun out of his holster.

"Luckily, Kim showed up a short time after the fight began, was able to jump on the suspect's back and she's powerful. She got him off me and we were able to arrest the guy," said Appler.

Appler has referred to Munley as "Mighty Mouse" ever since.

She's only 5 foot 3, but officers here at the Wrightsville Beach police station say she's tough and they're not at all surprised that Kim is making national headlines.

"She's small in stature, but she was not afraid of anything. She would get involved in whatever needed to be done," said Wrightsville Beach Police Chief John Carey.

Munley is credited with bringing down accused Fort Hood gunman Major Nidal Hasan and stopping a deadly shooting spree on the army base Thursday.

...a task officers here say would take both physical and mental strength.

"We believe very strongly in training our officers for these types of events," said Chief Carey.

An event no officer wants to respond to, but one Munley was prepared for nonetheless.

"I'm just proud of her. No doubt that she could do it, but i'm proud of the fact that she reacted to it," said Appler.

Munley is still in the hospital tonight, but officers in Wrightsville Beach say she has been injured in the line of duty before and they know she'll pull through.

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