Competition heats up for Whiteville elections

Vickie Pait
Vickie Pait
Terry Mann
Terry Mann

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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - All eyes were on the City Council race in Whiteville Tuesday night.  Six people were running for just two seats in District One.

Whiteville City Council candidate Vickie Pait watched attentively as the results trickled in.  She cracked a smile when she realized voters selected her in a highly contested city council race.

"I'm excited, I'm excited about the people who voted for me and all the support the city has shown," said Pait.

She says bringing jobs to Whiteville is one of the first things she'll try to do.  She wants to bring more businesses to the area, while keeping the ones already there.

Additionally she wants to bring comradery to the council.

"I want to work with all the council members when it comes to making decisions, and I'll make a decision based on fact whether than what I'm feeling," said Pait.

Tim Blackmon won the other seat in the city council race.  This will be his second term on council.

At first, town councilman Terry Mann was the only name on the ballot for Whiteville Mayor, but fellow councilman Howard Jones was waging a write-in campaign.  That campaign fell short.

Mann says the first thing he will do as mayor is bring a city manager to the area.

While they don't have experience in their new positions, Mann and Pait both said they look forward to the challenge.

*Winners are in bold

Boardman - Council (Vote for 5)
Tevis Britt
Carolyn B. Sealey         
James (Jimmy) Smith 
Minnie Turbeville          
Crystal Wilkerson          
Larry Williamson

Bolton - Alderman  (Vote for 2)
Daniel Lee Brown
Atlas Cooper                 
Gary Graham                
Pearl Mills

Brunswick - Commissioner (Vote for 3)
Sheila A. Collins                          
Clay Hagood                                 
Minnie Blackman Hill               
Nancy L. Hill
Phyllis J. Jones                             
Alonzo R. McArthur                    
Shirley Jarman Moore

Cerro Gordo - Council (Vote for 3)
Eloise J. Bulloch
Laura Williamson Burney         
Jeffrey Talmadge Greene       
Wilbur Powell

Chadbourn - Council (Vote for 2)
Philip Honeycutt           
Billy Leonard
Edwin Roberts               
Rashad J. Roberts

Fair Bluff - Mayor
Spruell R. Britt               
Chris Scott

Fair Bluff - Commissioner (Vote for 3)
Lester Drew                 
Clarice Vereen Faison 
Billy Hammond
Rodney L. Singletary

Lake Waccamaw - Mayor
Harry Foley                      
Ivan D. Wilson

Lake Waccamaw Commissioner - West Ward
Frank Carroll                
Bob Crutchfield

Lake Waccamaw - Tax Referendum #1 (3 cents per $100 of property for 3 years, to build Recreation/Senior Center)  - Against

Lake Waccamaw - Tax Referendum #2  (no restrictions on amount or time, to operate/maintain Center) - Against

Sandyfield - Mayor
Perry Dixon                    
Garry A. Keaton

Sandyfield - Council
Randolph Freeman
Joe W. Smith

Tabor City - Council (Vote for 2)
Michael W. Chestnut   
David E. Mincey            
Doris A. Strickland          
Mitchell D. Ward

Whiteville - Council District 1 (Vote for 2)
Tim Blackmon
Bill Memory                                   
Vickie Pait                                     
Joshua W. Ray                             
Julius Ryan                                   
Alexander Lesesne Shaw

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