Betty Wallace slides past Oak Island incumbent

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - There was a total of 27 contested races in Brunswick County during the 2009 Municipal Elections.

Incumbent Mayor Walter Futch won another term in Leland, but that's not the case in Oak Island.  Having little experience didn't keep Betty Wallace from edging ahead of incumbent Johnie Vereen.

As mayor, Wallace says she hopes to bridge the gap between the community and the administration.  She wants to have open communication so residents feel they can trust who they've elected.

Wallace said she's ready to start planning to manage the growth in Oak Island.

"It's a big job ahead - to go and study all that [town's growth] and figure out what we're going to do with the doubled size of the Town of Oak Island in the future," said Wallace during an interview on Carolina in the Morning.

Another upset in Brunswick County on Election Day fell in Boiling Spring Lakes, where incumbent Marty Kesmodel was defeated by challenger Richard White.

*Winners are in bold

Bald Head Island - Mayor
Larry Lammert  (I)    
Andy Sayre

Belville -Mayor
Jack Batson
Chuck Thurlow  (I)

Belville - Commissioner (Vote for 2)
Mike Allen
Buddie Ennis  (I)                  
Donna Schardien

Boiling Spring Lakes- Mayor
Marty Kesmodel  (I) 
Richard White             

Boiling Spring Lakes - Commissioner (Vote for 2)
Charlie Carroll              
Craig M. Caster (I)
David Giera               
Teddy Holloman

Calabash - Commissioner (Vote for 3)
Simon Allen                             
Emily M. Distasio (I)                   
William (Bill) Dixon (I)                
Cecelia Herman (I)                     
Joseph (Jody) Nance, Jr.  

Carolina Shores - Commissioner (Vote for 2)
G. G. (Gere) Dale (I)                
Joyce Dunn                                  
Walter B. Goodenough

Caswell Beach - Commissioner (Vote for 2)
Toby J. Bronstein        
Marti Hardy                  
George F. Kassler (I)

Holden Beach - Commissioner (Vote for 5)
Don Glander (I)            
Ken Kyser (I)                  
Ray S. Lehr (I)              
Sandy Miller (I)
Peggy Schiavone            
Sheila Young

Leland - Mayor
Bob Boynton                 
Frank M. Bullara        
Walter B. Futch, Jr. (I)

Leland - Council (Vote for 2)
Patricia Batleman
Martha L. Currie              
Wendell Graham             
Mike Leggett                    
Roy Lettieri                        
Skip Wittkofsky

Navassa - Mayor
Dorsey Jones, Jr.          
Eulis Willis (I)

Navassa - Commissioner District 1 (Vote for 2)
Antonio (Tony) Burgess                        
Jerry Lee Merrick (I)
Tiffany L. Montgomery

Northwest - Mayor
Kim Brown                     
Wayne Bryant               
James A. Knox (I)

Oak Island - Mayor
Johnie Vereen (I)          
Betty Wallace

Oak Island - Council (Vote for 2)
Richard D. Fortner       
Bill Johnson                      
Tom Johnson                  
Jim Medlin                       
Dara F. Royal (I)
Reece Simmons           
Bettie Thorne

Sandy Creek - Council (Vote for 2)
Ray D. Barnhardt
Glenn Marshall                                        
Patrick J. McDonagh (I)

Shallotte- Mayor 
Donald C. (Buddy) Kelly
John Kinlaw

Shallotte - Alderman (Vote for 2)
James E. (Jimmy) Bellamy     
Larry Harrelson (I)
Michael Pease

Southport - Mayor
Robert Howard
Sandy Spencer (I)

Southport - Alderman Ward 1 (Vote for 2) 
Dan Allen                         
Todd Coring                    
Ken Karn                         
Mary Ellen Watts Poole

St. James -Council (Vote for 3)
Dennis Becker               
Rebecca Dus
William Franko             
Bob Morrow (I)            
Gary E. Tagtmeyer (I)

Sunset Beach -Mayor
Rich Cerrato                    
Ronald Klein (I)

Sunset Beach -Council (Vote for 3) 
Edward Apalinski        
Lou DeVita  (I)               
Karen Joseph                   
Carol Scott
Len Steiner  (I)

Varnumtown- Alderman (Vote for 2)
Ada McDonald (I)
Arthur Robbins                             
George Ennis Swain (I)
Oneal (Knot) Varnam

Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer Commission (Vote for 3)
Carl Antos  (I)
Bill Browning (I)               
Jeff Gaskill                    
Bobby Johnston

Dosher Hospital Board of Trustees (2 Seats)
Debbie Barnes
Gretchen Bodinsky     
Don Hughes                  
Bill Sizemore

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