My Turn, Your Turn: Your turn on Wilmington driving

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Not many topics can get things revved up fast like discussing bad driving in Wilmington.  I called for more aggressive enforcement last week, and plenty of you responded.

Chris thinks the police are doing a good job:  "The police are strict already; it's just a local tradition to drive bad here."

Catherine somewhat agrees:  "I think part of the problem is that locals are angry because of all the outsiders moving here.  The outsiders are angry because the locals take their time driving.  We do that in the South."

Henry thinks it's an attitude and says:  "There is no solution for self-centeredness."

David says forget it:  "It would be easier for water to run up a rope than for traffic in Wilmington to improve."

Finally Ashley blames it on the courts:  "I think the laws are enforced adequately, it's the courthouse 'justice' that is failing.  Sit in on New Hanover County's Administration Court which is in session every Friday and you'll see that there really is no consequence to bad driving behavior."

I think Ashley may be on to something we should be looking into.

That's your turn on driving in Wilmington.  Seems like the only thing we all agree on is it really is a problem.  To respond to this segment, or anything else, email me at

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