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Classic horror flick becomes stage show

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The dead are coming to life at the Brown Coat Pub & Theatre in downtown Wilmington.

Guerilla Theatre has adapted the classic horror flick Night of the Living Dead for the stage, and die hard movie fans can relax. It has the same plot.

"My brother and I go to the cemetery to visit our father's grave and something is amiss," said Susan Miller who plays the role of Barbra. "And that's where we encounter the first zombie."

Barbra manages to escape and barricade herself inside a house along with other people trying to survive.

"The whole world outside is against them," said director Nick Smith. "And they don't get along that well either, so it's how they have to come to rely on each other to survive the night, hopefully."

But not everything can be exactly like the movie. Some changes were made.

"There are some small adaptations that we have made basically just so that it can translate to the stage well," said Miller.

"We filmed a portion," said Smith.  "The opening sequence of the movie, we did a film remake of that, that will show before the play starts. So ideally we'll see Barbara running into the house. When she grabs the doorknob on the screen, the doorknob here will open. A movie that's been around that long, I don't think it does you any good to try to recreate it in your own image. I think the best thing you can do is try to pay homage to it."

And you truly can. After you're sufficiently spooked by the real life zombies, you can sit back and relax, a little bit. For the second half of the show they're actually going to screen the 1968 film version on the back wall of the theater.

"For people who do love the movie, and even for people who haven't seen the movie, it will definitely be a new experience," said Miller.

One that just might awaken something inside you.

Night of the Living Dead

  • Oct. 22-24, 28-31
  • 8:00pm
  • Oct. 25
  • 3:00pm
  • Brown Coat Pub & Theatre
  • 111 Grace St., Wilmington

For tickets, call (910) 233-9914 or click here.

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