Lifewatch: New liposuction technology

Reported by Claire Hosmann - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - There is new technology in the operating room that promises liposuction patients better results and a faster recovery.

The new device uses a high-powered stream of water to blast fat cells before suctioning them out.  The body jet loosens fat with a unique spray that separates it from other tissue.

"There's a like a pouch of fat we all have that even though you work out as much as you can, you can't get rid of it," said patient Monkia Gilbert.

The stubborn area of fat is what drove Giblert to get liposuction on her waist three years ago, but she didn't get the results she was hoping for.

She was left with scarring, and said she didn't expect such a long and painful recovery.

"Before I could do anything normal it was at least 3-4 months," said Gilbert.

Gilbert is going back under the knife to try again under the care of a different surgeon who's using the body jet.

"The difference to our patients is so dramatic that it just can't be ignored," said plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Miller.

The new liposuction device features a high-pressure stream of water that shoots out of the tip of the suction wand, breaking up fat cells and scar tissue with ease.

Dr. Miller inserts the wand into a small incision in the belly button and controls the intensity of the water jet.  He said there is less trauma for the patient and a quicker recovery.

"Full recovery is two weeks versus six weeks," said Miller.  "Activity of daily living is 2-3 days versus two weeks."

Miller says with the body jet he can extract larger quantities of fat more precisely,and with the help of the jet stream he can easily move the tool through scar tissue.

There's another alternative to liposuction available in Wilmington.  The Zerona Laser is designed to painlessly zap away your fat.

Doctors say it feels like shining a flashlight on your skin.  The patient feels no pain, doesn't need to take any time off, and sees results in just days.

WECT is working with a patient who is currently getting treatments with Dr. Berkowitz at the Revitalize offices on Oleander Drive.  Be sure to watch WECT News November 10 to see if the laser worked for her.