My Turn, Your Turn: President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a first - a Nobel Peace Prize awarded for potential, instead of results.

I realize the Nobel Prize has always been a little controversial, but usually the controversy has to do with the merits of the winners' achievements - rather than trying to figure out what those achievements were.

Just think about some of the past honorees and what they've done:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. won for his tireless work on civil rights.
  • Mother Teresa won the award for her dedicated service to the poor in Calcutta.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt drew up the peace treaty that brought an end to the war between Russia and Japan.

But what did our President accomplish on the world stage in the two weeks he was in office prior to the nomination deadline?  Not nearly enough to win an award of this magnitude.

Maybe one day President Obama will be worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, but he's not there yet. He acknowledged that himself when he said that he did not deserve "to be in the company" of past winners.

He is right, but he should have gone one step farther and turned it down. That would have been a wonderful way to honor those great men and women who spent their lives working for peace and achieving results.

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Emailed responses from viewers:

I think it's rude to put down our President or someone nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The people who nominate someone for this prize obviously have a reason. Obama has hope and gives hope to American people. Look at all the things he is trying to fix that the past president has messed up and be lucky you're not in his footsteps!


My mouth dropped wide open when I heard the news that Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  After sitting and pondering this for a while, I figure he might win an Oscar if he watches a Good Movie from start to finish ... or maybe the Heisman Trophy for watching a Football Game.  I know this might be a sad thing to say, but one might be left to wonder if he bought the Prize with 'Stimulous Money!'

In short .. he has no track record of any kind, much less that of promoting Peace.

His rating would have gone up if he had gracefully declined.


I could not agree more with your commentary.   He should have never been nominated so soon, and should have turned it down.


Never in my life would I have believed that a President would be critisized for getting a Nobel Prize. But, this is part of a pattern: how did the right-wing nutjobs treat Vice-President Al Gore?  Martin Luther King Jr.?  How would they have treated Teddy Roosevelt, had he a Democratic label, rather than a Republican one? Certainly, the GOP campaigned against Wilson's "one world"ism.  What does it take to wake you up?


Much worse than his lack of actual merits, the presentation of this award is more so an attempt to influence his foreign policy. I believe this a method of pushing him to make a decision in Afghanistan to not only not approve more troops, but to withdraw. I'm al for a quick resolution to this war, but I do not believe it is at hand yet, and do not believe the Nobel Committee should be so bold as to act this way.


I agree with you 100 percent about obama.He has done nothing to deserve the peace prize nor does he qualify for President.He has no political experience,he just takes his clan and goes on vacations,world tours,shows in New York,all at taxpayers expense and he does not have the brains to do things the sensible way.He gave all that clunker money away to buy new cars but he forgot to say american made cars to keep the money in our country,ninety percent of it went on foreign made cars,our tax money gone overseas again,hello something wrong here.If he had given that money and said American made there would be forty hr.weeks at all the auto plants


President Obama accomplished something no one else ever has.  If you hadn't noticed, he's the first black President of the United States.  First black President since 1776.  Right after World War II, in Texas, I couldn't hold a college alumni meeting in a public place and invite black alumni to attend.  Our visiting university president had to meet with black alumni at a black institution, like Prairie View College.  Blacks couldn't drink out of white drinking fountains, pee in white bathrooms, sleep in white hotels, eat in white restaurants.  I remember these things and believe President Obama has accomplished a lot in his brief lifetime.  He has more compassion and brains than anyone in the Republican Party, and he has been an inspiration for whites, blacks, other minorities, to accomplish the impossible.


I felt compelled to respond to your completely false and ridiculous claim that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize simply on his potential to bring peace. You failed to recognize his campaign, election, and what both meant not only to Americans, but to the rest of the world. He represents an end to the American policy of shot first, never ask questions, and never apologize even when we shot the wrong people. He represents an end to much of the hatred directed toward our country. We are the only superpower left in the world and he represents a shift from that superpower bullying allies and enemies alike to a superpower willing to engage in civil communications with the world.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize because he represents peace. He promised to communicate before shooting and has followed through on that promise. He won the prize because he has changed the world perception of America. Because of President Obama, we are now viewed as a nation of peace, not one primarily devoted to war.

He is our President and we should be proud of how he is representing our nation


I fully agree with your viewpoint on him receiving the Nobel Peace Award. I haven't observed where he has made peace with anyone yet. We still are in Iraq, we will be in Afganistan for quite a long while, Iran is thumbing their noses at us, North Korea has more or less told the whole world to go pound tar, so where does the peace come in to play. He is a great orator, but so was someone else in history. He does not deserve the award. He has caused more desention in this country since he has taken office. We are over one trillion dollars in debt and the attitude toward his administration is becoming worse day to day.

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