Kure Beach mayoral candidates have first public debate

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Posted by Debra Worley - email

KURE BEACH, NC (WECT) - The two mayoral candidates in Kure Beach will go head-to-head during their first public debate Thursday night.

Dean Lambeth and Jim Vatrt are currently Kure Beach council members, and both are vying to be the town's new mayor.

Lambeth said if he were mayor he would start cutting back on dollars town officials spend.

"Our department heads have been very frugal with taxpayers dollars," said Lambeth.  "We have some waste mostly in administration and I hope we can clear that up."

He says he would offer an open door policy and put an emphasis on town streets.

"Every Saturday I would be at town hall from 9 until 11, so people could stop by," said Lambeth.  "They want pedestrian friendly spaces. The other point they want the streets beautified and better landscaping."

Vatrt has been on the council for two years, and as finance commissioner, he also wants to tackle the amount of spending taking place at town hall.

"The town has some depth," said Vatrt.  "I think residents desire an opportunity to see some growth to help with some of the depth."

He would like to bring more businesses to the community.  Vatrt said he would deal with beach erosion by partnering with nearby beach communities.

"Those efforts combined with efforts lobbying in Washington federal money and lobbying state level can bring money," said Vatrt.

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