Conference comeback

Posted by:
Bob Bonner|email

Written by:
Zach Smith|Topsail High School

The Topsail High Men's soccer team has had two great wins this week.  Monday, they beat Croatan 3-0. When asked about the game, player Zack King said it felt great to finally beat a well-respected team.

Wednesday night, the Pirates defeated Northside 8-1. Pat Broadbridge, Billy McGowan, Brian Boyko, Michael Wittorp, Logan McGlynn, David Croft and Mario Yanez all scored goals in the match. Brady Greathouse also contributed with an assist off a throw-in.

The starters were taken out when the Pirates were ahead 6-0 and the second team kept up the intensity by scoring two more goals. The team showed promise with good wall passes and well-executed give and goes.

The former state champions have struggled this season, losing many key players from last year's team. The team is also going through a transition as far as the coaching staff goes. Julia Deaton has been named the new head coach of the team, along with Aaron Collier, who is a new Math teacher at Topsail this year. The team, however, seems to be responding well to the new coaching staff.

Despite the rough start to the season, the team hopes to finish out the season strong and win the rest of their conference games.

I asked soccer player Brady Greathouse how he felt about the start of the season, and he said, "We have had our ups and downs, but with our new coaches I can see the light. Coach Collier really gets my adrenaline pumping before games."