My Turn, Your Turn: Baseball fans

By Gary McNair - bio|email

I was thinking the cooler temperatures coupled with the feel of early autumn was having a positive impact on the mood of my coworkers, but some deeper investigation revealed the real reason.

October is here and that means it's time for the "Boys of Summer" to enter post season playoffs - and then the World Series.

All I have to do is walk around the office.  There's hope in their eyes.  The reason is simple - we have Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers fans here.  We even have one guy who is nervously rooting for his Detroit Tigers.

Here's my point:  There are many things wrong in America right now, and we can dwell on those and be in a funk, but one thing that is right about this country is baseball.

Yes, I know they have their problems too, but it is still the great American pastime.  It still provides us with heroes, and it still brings fathers and sons closer together.

I think that's worth celebrating - even when my Pittsburgh Pirates are deep-deep-deep in the cellar.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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