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Charges against insurance agent dismissed

Charges against James Don Bullard, a Wilmington insurance agent, were dismissed, according to his attorney. 

The Wilmington Police Department arrested Bullard in September of 2009 after an 11-month investigation into ecstasy distribution in Wilmington.

A search warrant said Ashley Elizabeth Ricks and Kathryn Elizabeth Williams implicated Bullard when officers picked them up on drug-related charges in 2008.

The night police arrested Williams, officers found ecstasy inside her Cadillac, which was registered to Bullard.

Bullard's attorney, Dennis Sullivan, said a lab proved a seized tablet was not a drug.

Both, Ricks and Williams, were placed in federal prison for distributing drugs.

Records show a third woman filed a police report against Bullard earlier this month, claiming the insurance agent gave her a drug that made her black out.  She says when she woke up she was naked in his bed and didn't know what had happened.

The woman told police Bullard had a clientele of about 50 young women who would go to him to buy drugs. She said he would often exchange drugs for sexual favors.

The woman went into Bullard's home Tuesday night as part of an undercover operation. She signaled officers drugs were in Bullard's home, and they arrested him.

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Police said James Don Bullard was initially charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell, and deliver ecstasy and destroying evidence.

The insurance agent was able to bond out of jail on $15,000.

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Sullivan provided the following statement regarding his arrest:

I represent Don Bullard on the pending charges in New Hanover County. Don is a Vietnam Veteran and a life-long member of the  Wilmington business community. We are investigating the allegations against him and will comment at the appropriate time.

Following the charges being dropped, Sullivan provided another statement:

The charges against James Don Bullard arising out of the search of his home by law enforcement officers on September 29, 2009 have been dismissed. The single tablet that was seized during that raid has been analyzed by a laboratory and determined not to be a controlled substance. After a thorough investigation of all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this investigation, it has been determined that there was no crime committed which could sustain these charges.

Mr. Bullard and I are appreciative of the District Attorney's office taking this step immediately upon being notified of the laboratory's findings. Don has always had confidence in the legal process.

He is ready to put this incident behind him and move forward with his life. Don would like to thank all of the people that have supported him during this investigation. He looks forward to continuing his long history of service to his clients and our community.

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