My Turn, Your Turn: Remember your manners

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When I was a kid my mother would often remind me to mind my manners, especially if I was going to a friend's house.  She would follow that up with, "I don't want any bad reports."  She was concerned that a "bad report" would reflect poorly on our family and her reputation as a parent.

This story comes to mind as we reflect on recent incidences where good manners seem to have been thrown out the window.

It started when Congressman Joe Wilson called the President a liar from the house floor.   A few days later Serena Williams chastised a judge at the U.S. Open.  Yes, it was a questionable call, but there was nothing showing good sportsmanship in her reaction.

Then there is Kanye West.  He's made a career out of being obnoxious, but this time he interrupted a gracious acceptance speech and stole the moment away from Taylor Swift at the MTV music awards.

The sad part is all of these have been talked about so much that this kind of behavior is almost sure to happen again, but I can't help but wonder if these people reflect on their mothers' teachings --- how can they not feel like they let her down - at least a little bit?

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Emailed responses from viewers:

I agree...

Not only did these three individuals probably embarrass not only their mothers, but their entire family,

I believe they let themselves down as well.....


You are right - I wholeheartedly agree - I am 64 yrs old and would never think of doing what these 3 you mentioned have done - it is a lack of respect regardless of whether you agree with the person or persons.  I especially am disappointed in the representative from SC, while I don't agree with all of President Obama's ideals and I did not agree with many of George Bush's, I was taught to respect the office - the highest in our country which President's Bush and Obama hold/and or have held!!


Rep. Wilson did not call the President a "Lier." He called what the President had just said a "Lie." Quite different.

Although I agree that Rep. Wilson was out of order, I personally feel that after the Health Bill passes, which it will,we'll find that it was exactly that,a lie.


I agree that manners and politeness are important especially in this day and age. However, what Kanye West  and Serena Williams did is far beyond what Congressman Joe Wilson did.

A personal opinion is what West and Williams went out of bounds in expressing.

A fact is what Rep. Joe Wilson expressed. Obama said that illegal aliens would NOT  be granted government benefits. That WAS a lie.

Not until the day after Wilson's statement,  did the Congress institute a measure in the bill that required verification of ID for health care benefits.

The DAY AFTER  Wilson stated what was true at the time. A lie is a lie.

Stating a fact and a personal opinion are two different thing.

BTW, this is not the first time that Obama has lied. Remember what he said about unemployment never rising above 8.5% if the so-called Stimulus bill was passed.

I am calling that a LIE.

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