Wilmington residents young and old remember 9/11

Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - It's been eight years since coordinated attacks on the World Trade Center and the Nation's Capitol killed nearly 3,000 Americans in the worst terrorist act this country has ever seen.  Victims from 9-11 were remembered by Americans young and old.

Dozens of students at the Calvary Christian School in Wilmington wore patriotic colors and held small American flags while they stood along 23rd Street.

Many of the students were too young to remember the events, or weren't even born when the attack took place, so teachers at the school spent time teaching their students about the events that happened in 2001.

A group of New Hanover County seniors commemorated the day by giving back to a local fire department.

Volunteers and staff from the New Hanover County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program presented the Murrayville Fire Station with a Christmas tree with red, white, and blue ornaments.

Volunteers chose the Murrayville station because it is the newest fire station in the county.  They said they hope to deliver trees and ornaments to all 22 fire stations in the county.

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