President Obama: My Education, My Future

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Students across the area took part in watching an educational speech online given by President Obama.

The 18-minute address stirred a lot of controversy, so each school adopted their own policy in regards on how to present it.  The speech focused on encouraging students to stay in school.

Click here to read the transcript of President Obama's speech for Sept. 8, 2009.

Close to 250 students at New Hanover High School watched the President's speech during lunch, and many students at Hoggard High School did the same.

One student at Hoggard said it is comforting to hear that President Obama went through some of the same challenges she's going through now.

"He made a lot of good points with saying it's hard to focus on school when you have so much stuff going on outside of school," said Hoggard Senior Kanesha Jones.  "I can relate to that. That's happened all throughout.  I've had trials and tribulations I had to go through, but I'm here - I'm a senior now."

Some public school teachers said they'd like to see the President speak to students every year, regardless of the party affiliation.

While several private schools elected not to air the speech, St. Mary Catholic School in Wilmington had students gather around computers to watch President Obama speak.

"I thought it was a great message," said St. Mary Principal Joyce Price.  "We previewed the message before we decided to do this. I've checked out all the other plans that were offered which were created by educators. I think it was a great idea."

Students in Brunswick County were not given the opportunity to see the speech online today.  They will be able to see the address later this week with written consent from a parent or guardian.

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