Lifewatch: Mom's on bed rest

Reported by Claire Hosmann - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - Bed rest is an unpleasant reality for women with high-risk pregnancies.  Some women are stuck in the same bed for months, but now one hospital has found a way to make the stay a little more pleasant.

Missy Cheatham went to her doctor for what she thought was a routine exam.  Pregnant with twin girls, she has been in bed ever since the visit.

"Didn't have a thing packed," said Cheatham.  "[I] wasn't remotely ready for this. Hadn't wrapped up anything at work."

Doctors call it bed rest, while some women may call it prison.  The same view, out the same window, for weeks on end.  Watching TV gets boring too, so Cheatham spends hours on her laptop.

"I didn't do much with Facebook before but now I'm on Facebook a lot," said Cheatham.

Her story is typical of soon-to-be mothers, ordered to bed rest because of high-risk pregnancies.

"The sad thing is some of these women who don't usually have depression issues get depressed," said nurse Angelle Kolle.  "Your days become nights. Your nights become days. You're in the bed all the time."

Kolle developed a plan that would provide the mothers-to-be with daily activities, like making blankets or baby clothes or having a movie night.

"This program has been really nice because it gives you activities to look forward to and break up your days," said Cheatham.

"They're lonely," said Kolle.  "They just want someone to visit with, especially if they're social."

The program is a way to help pass the time and make weeks of bed rest go a little faster.

The internet is a great place to find support from other moms on bed rest.  You can share tips and get advice on bed rest message boards and chat rooms.