My Turn, Your Turn: Selling euthanized cats

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Last week, the Bladen County Animal Control Board voted to sell the bodies of euthanized cats to a biological control company.  Pending further approval by the county commission, the deal will allow them to get a few dollars per cat, with all the money going to the animal shelter.

I know there are people out there who will be infuriated by this.  They will see the board's decision as somehow being cruel and inhumane, but for me, I think it's a pretty smart move.

Those cats are victims, I understand that, but let's not blame the animal control board.  Those cats were doomed by people who failed to have their pets spayed and neutered, and if not for this solution, their remains would be thrown away in a landfill.

I applaud their plan to deal with this, and I hope the Bladen County Commission agrees.  Some of that money just might be used to help combat the growing cat population problem.

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Emailed response from viewers:

I've just read the article about selling euthanized cats.  I assume you'll get a lot of negative emails so I thought I would send a letter supporting.  As a former Humane Society board member, understand that I am on animals' side.  They deserve our humane treatment and care. I urge us to think with our heads and not our hearts.  The bottom line is it costs money to run animal control.  If handled appropriately, these cats will not be killed for money.  I believe they've found a creative way to bring money in where money will only help future animals.


Your story and opinion concerning what the Bladen County Animal Shelter should do with euthenized cats was right on target. No, it's not the shelter's fault; it's the fault of careless owners. Their decision, in my opinion, is a sound business decision.


I am a life-long cat lover and have assisted Friends of Feline in neutering feral cats.  We have a rescue cat as a member of our family and Friends of Felines helped save his life.  Since his injuries were disabling, we took Max into our home and he is very happy.  I must also tell you that I have dissected 3 cats in my life.  The first was in a high school biology class and, later, two more in college.  I learned a lot by those experiences.

I fully support Bladen County's decision to sell euthanized cats to a biotech lab.  It is unfortunate that human beings who claim to love cats cannot find the time or means to neuter and spay them.  If any benefit comes from the study or use of cats in a biotech lab, I say so much the better.  I especially like that the money will go to take care of animals in the animal shelter.

I hope you are relieved knowing that some cat lovers DO support Bladen County's plans for euthanized cats.


Thank you for your views on this subject.  I, too, agree with you in having Bladen Co. Control Board selling the bodies of euthanized cats to a biological control Company, IF that does not result in more cats being euthanized to get more bodies.  I am a cat lover and I would like to see more money being given to the animal shelter.

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