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Third person revealed at Sole's home during shooting incident

DA Rex Gore DA Rex Gore
Senator R.C. Soles Senator R.C. Soles
Jessica Nealy Jessica Nealy

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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - District Attorney Rex Gore's office is working with the SBI in the investigation into a shooting that took place at Senator R.C. Sole's home.

Gore is known to be a long-time friend of Soles, so many people are questioning whether he will remove himself from the case.

Campaign finance records show Gore has given $800 to Soles' senate campaigns since 1998.  The senator has returned the favor by giving Gore $1,000 for his campaign.

The district attorney told WECT despite being a friend and political ally of Soles, he does not plan on using the provision to preclude himself from the case.  He says this is not the first time he may have to prosecute someone he has known.

"Generally I am reluctant to assign or ask someone to do my job," said Gore.  "And the job of this office which is to prosecute the cases that originate in this district and to work on those as hard as we can to make sure that justice is done."

Gore expects the SBI to release a report on the shooting early next week.  He said that's when he'll decide whether to charge the two men authorities say tried to kick down the senator's front door in Tabor City Sunday.

Evidence collected includes a 40-minute surveillance tape taken at the Senator's home, which captured a third party at the scene - 23-year-old Kyle Blackburn's girlfriend Jessica Nealy. 

Gore confirmed Soles used a pistol to shoot Blackburn in the leg.  The senator could face charges for the shooting.

*Note: The SBI will not release the surveillance video to keep the investigation secure.

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