Timeline of events: Senator Soles investigation

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The recent controversy surrounding the state's longest-standing senator began in July, when fire broke out at a home Soles paid for in Tabor City.

17-year old Allen Strickland, a former client of the senator's, was living in the home at the time.

Strickland admitted Soles had paid for the home and other items, and had given him money for years after helping his other brother.

Strickland said he feared he was being targeted by an arsonist.

About a week later, when questions arose about the relationship with Strickland, Soles sat down for an exclusive interview with WECT's Bob Townsend.

Days later, the District Attorney & Tabor City Police requested the State Bureau of Investigation look allegations made last year by Stacey Scott, another former client who accused the Senator of trying to molest him when he was a minor.

Scott later recanted those allegations in an exclusive interview with WECT, saying he was high on drugs at the time.

Scott also said Soles had given him financial support, in the neighborhood of $200,000 over the years, that he used on everything from rent, to cars, to drugs.

Following that interview, Soles said he was glad Scott told the truth, however the SBI investigation into the allegations continues despite Scott's changing his story.

Days later, two of Soles' clients went to his home in Tabor City and tried to kick down his door.  That's when the senator shot one of them in the leg.

There are still several unanswered questions regarding the events that have unfolded in Tabor City.

  • WECT has asked local and state agencies to let us know what type of gun the senator used in the shooting and whether it was properly registered.  WECT has not been given an answer.
  • There is no word from the SBI in regards to charges connected to the shooting.
  • There is also still no word on whether charges will be filed in the suspected arson fire that heavily damaged Allen Strickland's home.

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