Sen. Kay Hagan spoke to Wilmington officials about health care

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Democratic Senator Kay Hagan was in Wilmington Monday morning to speak to city, town, and county officials about issues affect the Cape Fear region.

The meeting in downtown Wilmington was just one of many on her tour across the state.

Hagan talked about everything from beach renourishment to health care.

The senator has received local criticism for not participating in a recent health care debate.

Hagan believes reform should include coverage for pre-existing conditions and should not break America's bank.

"We also need to be sure that this bill is deficit neutral," said Hagan.  "The President has said it and I've said it, I do not - I will not - support a bill that is not a deficit neutral bill.  We've got to be sure we've got the fraud and abuse and waste out of the system, and additionally we've got to be focused on wellness and prevention in this country."

Senator Hagan said debate on health care is important, but so is understanding the facts of the bill, which is still a work in progress in the finance committee.

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