Pender Co. principals keep a positive attitude

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Posted by Debra Worley - email

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Pender County teachers gathered at school Friday, but some of those teachers may not have a job when school starts Wednesday.

The school system made cuts this past spring, but the state asked for more.  The budget's final paperwork could cut staff and increase class sizes this fall.

"They're taking away everything from us because its an easier place to cut," said Topsail High School student support coordinator Catherine Mileski.  "They control us, our pay, they control the school system."

The late state budget has given them the run around, but these teachers are banding together.

"We're going to be positive," said Topsail High Principal Marcus Skipper.  "We're going to make it work. We'll get the kids back its going to be school like it always has been at Topsail High."

The school system is 1 of 12, statewide to make AYP and has significantly improved their dropout rate.

"We make the best of what we can do with what we have," said Mileski.

"It's a much greater impact because we are a smaller county," said Skipper. "We only have 16 schools and most of our county is considered low wealth.  We've got great students and great teachers, we can teach outside on a stone tablet. We'll get the job done."

School officials say any cuts will be made before school starts Wednesday.  Principals were given their budgets Friday afternoon, and human resources gave a report in a closed meeting.

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